Brief History of Vegas

Located in the heart of the Nevada dessert, Las Vegas was not always the popular tourist destination that it has become today. The place was no more than a barren piece of land where there were only a few hotels and hardly any residential area either. The place was mostly given to a rodeo population, and the tourism industry was nowhere in sight.

However, we all know that today Las Vegas enjoys a cult status. The city is known all over the world for its excellent casinos and fantastic nightlife. Know as the Sin City, the City of Lost Wages and much more; Las Vegas is indeed every bit what it promises to be.

Let us look into the milestones of the city and trace the development of various hotels and regions of the area.

• Era – The city of Las Vegas began to develop during the 1930’s and 1940’s. It is during this era that the hotels here began to mushroom. The gaming industry blossomed with several casinos being made available to those who came visiting here. The cities connectivity was also improved and right from roads to airports; soon everything was in place. The more people came to the city, the more revenue it generated and the better its infrastructure got, which in turn lead to even more people coming in.

• Vegas strip – This is the area of the city where all the entertainment and enjoyment can be found. Right from restaurants to the casinos to even the hotels, everything from prominence can be located on the Vegas Strip. The first resorts to come up in this area were the Dunes and the El Rancho. The Fremont Street followed These, along came the Golden Nugget, the Mint, and Binion’s Horseshoe. After these hotels, the famous Flamingo and Sahara were built. The very well known the Sands Hotel and Casino, which was Frank Sinatra’s favorite was also located on the strip itself and in fact, was operational until the November of 1996.

• Development – Once the city began its journey towards progress, there was no stopping it. Resorts of humongous size and fantastic facilities came into existence. Bellagio, Wynn, Encore, Venetian, Palazzo, Trump, Ceasars Palace and Mandalay Bay are all hotels that are considered important milestones in the history of the City. The MGM Grand, Luxor and Mirage also deserve special mention when in comes to Las Vegas.

• Amenities – Today Vegas has one of the best restaurants in the world to offer. The hotels here are known for their fantastic layouts and period based decors. World-renowned chefs like Emeril Lagasse and Wolfgang Puck are showing their skills in Vegas. Right from large pools to great spas, the hotels here offer it all.

Indeed, it is true that Las Vegas hotels are not just places to lodge in when visiting the city. They are an experience to feel and live. These hotels make Las Vegas what it is today. The casinos that they offer and the ultimate luxury that they boast of are the reasons why the city has flourished extensively.

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